Update 8/9/17:I'm going to stop using Google+ for a while. There's just no point anymore. Find me on Twitter and Instagram.
Update 7/26/17:My new Google+ account is now suspended! Took them long enough.
Update 5/9/17:My new Google+ account is now public! Find it in the "Current accounts" section below.
Update 4/16/17:Moved to new hosting server. Previous account suspended, sorry for the downtime.
Update 3/31/17:Added comment boxes to Fred Pictures. Coming soon to the Exploit Archive.
Update 3/29/17: New domain! This website now has a .com domain. Also, going to pollperson.com/ppp will take you right to my current account.
Update 3/8/17: As of now, I'm not currently using Google+ publicly to avoid suspension. You can reach me on Twitter or by email. Fred pictures and G+ Toolbox updates will continue to be added here.
Update 3/7/17: Website created.

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